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A fishing dream at lake Sommen
Rental from $109 Per night
Multi Fishing Lodge
Rental from $216 Per night

Multi Fishing Lodge

Ireland, Longford 12 Sleeps, (New fishing cabin)

Comfortable guesthouse at nature’s doorstep
Rental from $517 Per night
6 Person Luxury Fishing Cabin in Pike heave
Rental from $163 Per night
Vacation house with boat
Rental from $131 Per night

Vacation house with boat

Norway, Tustna 6 Sleeps, (New fishing cabin)

Street fishing cabin Amsterdam East
Rental from $337 Per night
Fishing Crib 'Under the bridge'
Rental from $199 Per night
The Bigger Loft Boat near Amsterdam
Rental from $263 Per night

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Yes, thank you, everything was fine. Very friendly, happy to come again and recommended.

Sergej, Germany

4 Person Cabin in Pike heaven Blekinge

Everything was great and worked out well. Johan was also very nice and fulfilled every wish we had and explained everything to us in a relaxed manner when it came to fishing. Unfortunately not that much caught but a great view from the boat and I'm glad we were there. Thank you very much for the nice week.

Sinisa, Germany

6 Person Luxury Fishing Cabin in Pike heave

This was my third stay in the 6 person cabin and it was a pleasant stay again. The cabin has a fully equiped kitchen and a terrace with a beautiful view overlooking the bay. Johan, the owner, was helpful as ever. Whenever we needed help he was quick to respond. The 455 Lindner boats with fish finder and i-pilot front troller are everything you need when you go fishing, the motors are easy to start. I recommend this cabin and its owner to anyone...

Michel, the Netherlands

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"This platform is built from the love of fishing and sharing this unique experience with other anglers." Juul Steyn, co-founder Bookafishingcabin.com


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The true beauty of fishing is that you can make your own choices to achieve your goal. You decide where you fish, what rod and reel you choose and where you make your first cast. We help you find the best place to stay during your next fishing holiday, based on your requests.

On Bookafishingcabin.com, the first platform specialized in holiday homes for anglers, we provide accurate information about every fishing cabin and fishing boat. We share lots of valuable information about the fish that you can target, the best seasons and the tackle that is advised by both your host and local fishing guides. This way we can guarantee that you choose the right fishing holiday cottage for your next adventure with family or friends.


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Although the name of our website refers to fishing cabins specifically, our offer is much broader than that. Yes, you will find charming and characteristic smaller cabins along a hidden lake, but also luxurious and spacious fishing cottages on stilts above the water in Norway. Are you one of the many thousands 'urban anglers' who like to go street fishing in Amsterdam? Then you really should have a look at the awesome houseboats that warmly welcome fans of city fishing.


We know what anglers want

Bookafishingcabin.com is co-founded by Juul Steyn, an avid angler with an impressive track record when it comes to fishing. As a teenager he competed in the World Championships Coarse Angling for the Dutch National Team, and successively he was editor and chief editor of the two largest sport fishing magazines in The Netherlands. Over the last two decades, he has been a fishing guide in Amsterdam and traveled the world to catch the most challenging fish he could find. From arapaima, piraiba and peacock bass in the Amazon rain forest to Giant Trevally and Spanish Mackerel in Papua New Guinea, massive catfish in Kazakhstan, and impressive halibuts in Norway.

During these fishing holidays, he learned the ropes when it comes to choosing the right accommodation. From a simple tent on a deserted beach in Papua to a high-end fishing chalet in Canada and everything in between.

Juul: "I look forward to using all the experience and knowledge about fishing holidays to create the ultimate booking platform for sport fishermen around the world. We know what anglers want, and our team will make sure that you get it!"


Values carved into our DNA

* Really great support before, during and after your stay.
* We know fishing and love to share our experience with you.
* We pay the owner 1 day after arrival, so your payment is 100% safe.
* Pay in 2 terms, most properties offer a 50-50% payment scheme.
* Booking is easy, safe and simple - a great way to start your fishing holiday
* Custom advise with our Fishing Taylor Service

Thanks for your trust in us. And wherever you go: we wish you an unforgettable hooked holiday!

Angler Juul Co-Founder Bookafishingcabin.com

Angler Juul

Co-Founder Bookafishingcabin.com

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11 Reasons to list your holiday home with Bookafishingcabin.com

11 Reasons to list your holiday home with Bookafishingcabin.com

Do you rent out one or more holiday homes to anglers? Then we are your partner! Bookafishingcabin.com is the first booking platform that is specialized in holiday homes for fishermen, enabling guests to book directly with the host. This platform is part of the successful Dutch company Booka Rentals BV, which enables thousands of visitors to book a unique place to stay every year. This company is co-founded by Juul Steyn.   Juul is both an angler who traveled the world in pursuit of catching big fishes, as well as an experienced host of multiple B&B’s in Amsterdam, welcoming anglers from all around the globe. He has used his experience to build a platform that meets, or even exceeds, the expectations of both guests and hosts. Below we will explain how Bookafishingcabin.com will improve your business. Juul Steyn, co-founder of Bookafishingcabin, has gained valuable experience in the fields of both hospitality as well as fishing holidays. (Photo: Edwin Hoop/Bookafishingcabin.com)   1) A

Discover Amsterdam: the streetfishing capital of the world

Discover Amsterdam: the streetfishing capital of the world

Get ready to catch huge zander, lots of perch and even massive pike in the most extraordinary surroundings you have ever fished. We warmly welcome you to visit Amsterdam and have an unforgettable street fishing experience. In this article, we will show you what you can expect during a fishing holiday in Amsterdam. If you want to get the best out of your fishing trip, make sure to book a fishing guide in Amsterdam.  Amsterdam is not only the capital of The Netherlands, but we would also like to call it the street fishing capital of the world. Over the last few years more and more anglers from all over Europe, and even the United States and Australia, have discovered the great potential of this city. They go fishing in the canals, discover the city and of course sleep on the ultimate fishing cabin: a houseboat. History of fishing in Amsterdam The city has always been closely connected to water and fish. The first settlements were founded along the banks of the Amstel River centuries ag

Catch more and bigger fish in Norway with soft baits 

Catch more and bigger fish in Norway with soft baits 

For decades the favorite bait for catching cod in Norway has been the pilker (or 'pirk'). Quite understandable since it is easy to fish, also in deeper water and strong currents, and it catches a lot of fish for sure. But we got some interesting news for you: changing to lighter gear and choosing soft baits instead of pirks will result in more and bigger fish. Juul Steyn, co-founder and Norway-expert, shares his knowledge with you so you can improve your catches too. Get ready to catch more and bigger cod and coalfish than you ever imagined possible. By Juul Steyn / Bookafishingcabin.com Catching a coalfish of this size is a dream for many anglers. Switch to soft baits and make it happen! (photo: Roel Trum) Let me get one thing straight first: pilkers are very effective for sure. Especially cod is easily attracted by this swinging and shining metal. Another plus for pilkers/pirks is that anyone can fish this bait, no experience required. Just drop the pilker, let it sink until it r