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Fishing cabin rental Norway - 17 fishing cabins

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Rental from $129 Per night
Rental from $129 Per night
Rental from $511 Per night
Rental from $129 Per night
Rental from $194 Per night
Rental from $320 Per night
Rental from $144 Per night
Rental from $161 Per night
Rental from $188 Per night
Rental from $102 Per night
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Average rating of Norway: 5 out of 5 based on 3 reviews.

We offer 17 fishing cabins in Norway, with a total of 103 sleeps with prices ranging from NaN to NaN per night.


If we had to nominate one country to earn the title 'Sport Fishing Heaven', then that would be Norway. Not only because of the great variety of species and destinations that it offers to anglers, but also because of the enchanting nature. This combination makes Norway one of the most beautiful destinations, irresistible to anglers.


From the South - easily accessible by car from Germany, the Netherlands - and France, up to the far North, you can literally catch fish in any water you may come across. Not only the rich fishing grounds at sea but also the many rivers and lakes offer plenty of challenges to the modern sport fisherman. 



A basic rule in nature is: the colder the water, the more fish there is. You can clearly see that this rule is correct if you go fishing in Norway! The south of Norway is located at the height of Scotland, which means that the water is already 'nice and cold'. Enthusiasts of cod, coalfish, and pollack can really enjoy themselves here. The beauty of this region is that the climate is pleasant, the landscape accessible and you can get there by car. The 'holiday season' also takes longer here due to the southern location. In short: a perfect destination for a fishing holiday with the family.



If we continue our journey to the North, we find ourselves in the region Møre og Romsdal. Get ready for fishing in the famous fjords. Fish is getting even more abundant, and sport fishing is getting more serious here. Not only does this mean that you will catch more, but also the scenery is more dramatic. With mountains over 1000 meters in height, birds diving into the sea to prey on baitfish that are chased to the surface by coalfish, this Western region is a mesmerizing place to be. You will not only find lots of cod, coalfish, pollack, redfish, mackerel, and haddock, but also more impressive monsters. Yes, we're talking about wolffish and halibut. These fish require some serious dedication from anglers, especially the halibut. This fish is known for some back-breaking action!



Now it's getting really serious. We are in the Trøndelag region where the water is again a little colder and the fish even more numerous. This region is extremely popular among sea anglers. And for good reason: the biodiversity here is enormous and the sizes of the fish caught here appeal to the imagination. In addition to the 'usual suspects' cod, coalfish, redfish, and pollack, this region is known for the halibut. More and more anglers target halibut with relatively light rods and soft baits: both challenging and addictive. Once you have hooked such a garage door, you only know what it means to 'fight a fish'.



We have found the holy grail! Northern Norway is simply the most fish-rich destination you can imagine. Anglers do not choose convenience for this destination, but because they have a goal in mind. You need a long journey for that, not infrequently braving rain and wind, but the reward is often great. Nowhere else in the world is the chance of catching giant cod (the famous Skrei during the winter period!) so big. Not to mention the colossal coalfish that swim here during the summer months. And then there is the halibut. Not only is this flat powerhouse more abundant here than anywhere else in the world, but the size is often frightening. Northern Norway is not for pussies. This is a destination for real men (and women)!