Why we launch Bookafishingcabin.com

"If you can catch a fish yourself, you can also book a fishing holiday home yourself"


“I think that finding the perfect fishing holiday home is just like fishing”, says Juul Steyn, co-founder of Bookafishingcabin.com. “If you have the right tackle, you can have the perfect catch. Bookafishincabin.com is the right tackle. We enable anglers to find and book fishing holiday homes, directly with the hosts. Simple, safe and always at a sharp rate.”


Juul - a former sportfishing journalist, fishing guide and now internet entrepreneur - has been holding a rod on every holiday ever since he was seven years of age. In this article he shares his thoughts on fishing holidays and the reason why he decided to launch Bookafishingcabin.com along with is business partner Pepijn.


Fishing holiday Amsterdam

No matter where you go, on Bookafishingcabin.com you find the right information to get the best out of your fishing holiday!


Creating everlasting memories

“Fishing has always played a major role in my life, especially during holidays. And I’m sure this is the same for any other angler. No matter if you fish with your kids or with friends, no matter if you catch a lot big ones or just a few small fish: every fishing holiday creates everlasting memories. Maybe this is where you learn your kids to cast a line, or perhaps you catch the fish of a lifetime, but you always get back to your holiday home. That is where you share your stories, be with the ones you love and get ready for another great day fishing. Therefore I think that where you stay should be an important part of your holiday.”


Book with hosts that care

Over the years Juul has traveled the world to fish on the most amazing locations. “Pretty much all the places I stayed were owned by wonderful, caring and helpful hosts who ran a family business. Hosts that really care about their guests and fishing. I think we help both the traveling angler and the host by connecting them on our platform and let them book directly without expensive travel agencies.”


The best information, directly from the source

When planning a fishing trip, any angler  knows that having reliable information is the key to success. Juul: “By booking with Bookafishingcabin.com you are assured to find the best possible information, right from the source: hosts that know about sport fishing. Not only about the holiday home and fishing boats, but about the whole experience. Every listing gives up-to-date knowledge about the best seasons, what fish to catch and what tackle to use. And if you still have questions, you can easily reach out to the host before actually booking via our platform. This gives you the confidence that you make a well-founded decision when organizing your next fishing trip.”


Juul Steyn (left) during a fishing holiday with his father and brothers. "This is what fishing is about: creating everlasting stories and share them with the ones you love."


Get inspired 

“One of the cool things about Bookafishingcabin.com is that we offer a wide range of holiday homes”, says Juul. “From a basic cabin next to a river in the middle of nowhere to luxury villas with high-end fishing boats moored in front of the door. And from comfortable family holiday homes at a carp lake in France to cool houseboats for an exciting street fishing trip to Amsterdam. The sky’s the limit. Any host with a suitable vacation rental near good fishing grounds can list his/her property on our platform, creating the most versatile offer possible. Just go through our website, discover our amazing destinations and get inspired!”